Beer for Slayers of Moloch

Pooling our Web3 powers to conspire against Moloch in taverns around the world.

WTF is Raid Brood?!?

At RaidBrood, we are about brews, not bags. We are beer lovers. We are Web3 builders. We are friends. We hate Moloch.

RaidBrood brews are memetic manifestations in our eternal fight against the dastardly gods of disorder and chaos.

The first of its kind, RaidBrood is a DAO dedicated to craft beer. Spun out from RaidGuild, our master brewer cooked up Blood of Moloch, a special Russian Imperial Stout to commemorate EthDenver 2022. In the spirit of Web3, we started a beer club as a DAO.

By drinking our beer, you have the opportunity to claim shares in the DAO. These shares let you participate in RaidBrood decisions like shaping which beers we release for the next major ETH gathering. Drink with us and unite in a fellowship of beer lovers, Web3 buidlers, friends, and Moloch-haters.

We invite you to join, taste, and help us decide which concoctions we cook up next.

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Our Brood

At Raid Brood, brews are our weapons in the fight against Moloch. Armed with grains, hops, yeast and water, our master brewers are practiced in the arts and sciences of brewish battle. This is our arsenal.

Blood of Moloch


From below his sacrificial altar, we drove our blade into the demon’s flesh. The harvest of battle is blood, intense, complex and rich, with flavors of roasted malts, dark chocolate, dark fruits and espresso. Drink its poison, all 14% abv of it!

Red Pil


Crisp and dry, traditional pilsner profile with a touch of lemongrass, bergamot and blacktea from late Saphir hop additions. Fermented with OldWorld+NewBeast Kveik Yeast. All the clean pilsner taste, with only 1/6 the brewing time.

Green Pil


A hop forward crushable Kveik Pilsner. Made in collaboration with the Green Pil Podcast. $1 from every sale going to fund public goods.

Spork and Sour


Berlinerweiss style sour finished with Colorado fruit, Prickly Pear and Red Raspberry. Made in collaboration with SporkDAO for ETH Denver 2023.

Seoul Bound


Traditional Korean communal beverage. Milky, off-white, and lightly sparkling rice wine. Made in collaboration with Nonce.

Brew a Batch

RaidBrood brews custom batches for communities, conferences, and other events.

Our team of beer experts work to concoct the perfect brew for you. Our master brewers capture the tastes and notes that encapsulate what you want to do with your brew. Our designers create a logo that communicates your brew's essence. Our developers create an NFT for your brew. Our writers pick the perfect words to describe the lore of your brew.

Collaborators include GreenPill Podcast and SporkDAO/ETHDenver 2023.

Do you want to join us in the endeavour of exlixir to fuel our fight against Moloch by making a batch for you?

Made with ⚔️ for our fellow raiders