Beer for Slayers of Moloch

Pooling our web3 powers to conspire against Moloch in taverns around the world.

Yeet for Membership

Raid Brood is the first of its kind, a DAO dedicated to craft beer.

Spun out from Raid Guild, our master brewer has cooked up Blood of Moloch, a special Russian Imperial Stout to commemorate EthDenver 2022. In the spirit of web3, we’ve started a beer club as a DAO and invite you to join, taste, and help shape what the next brew will be at the next major ETH gathering.

Yeeter is a new primitive from DAOHaus that helps simplify capital coordination and we’re excited to show how powerful this tool can be. Connect to the Gnosis chain (formerly known as xDAI) and yeet to show your support!

Our first gathering will be during EthDenver where you’ll claim your first spoils. Yeet responsibly.


Levels of Membership

ETHereal Support

2400 loot in RaidBrood DAO

    Access to All 2022 Events

    Blood of Moloch Case (16 collector cans)

    Whitelisted for Limited Edition Mainnet NFT of Brood recipes

    All base membership perks

666 xDai


One in Each Gauntlet

300 loot in RaidBrood DAO

    2 Special Blood of Moloch collector cans

    All base membership perks

82.5 xDai


Tall Boi

200 loot in RaidBrood DAO

    Governance over future beers

    Schwag swag


    Limited edition Blood of Moloch collector can*

    Proof of yeet NFT

    Access to Kickoff tasting event during EthDenver

55.5 xDai

*Must be over 21 to pick up your can

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